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Any marriage, if left unattended will FAIL, because marriages go through stages or as we call them temperatures. These temperatures are brought about by the pressures and temptations of life: economic downtimes, job loss, wondering how you will pay the bills, age, having children, unfulfilled sexual and emotional needs in your marriage or a flirtatious co-worker.

The person who could do no wrong or the person who was once your best friend, heart beat and lover is now a pain in the butt. You argue about everything and have forgotten about "till death do us part" or "for better or for worse".

The Marriage Thermometer Principles were designed specifically for couples who are serious about having great marriages. Our principles are biblical and based on the five temperatures of marriage, ranging from "Steaming Hot" which is considered the Honeymoon Stage to the "Freezing" Stage which we call the Dead Zone.

You will be able to recapture the Honeymoon Stage after experiencing severe marriage problems or if you simply want to improve certain aspects of your relationship with your spouse.

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After a stressful day at work, a fun night out, or the apprehension of activities with your wife, our Black Stallion herbal tonic will give you the needed boost for many hours of intimacy by increasing your drive and stamina.

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A Powerhouse Handbook on How to save your marriage, Avoid or survive infidelity, Rekindle love, respect and passion or Revive a dead marriage! This is the Definitive Guide on how to have a Steaming Hot Marriage.

Test The Temperature of Your marriage for Today!

1. Our Software will diagnose the temperature of your marriage by identifying the weaknesses and strengths.

2. At the end, it will give you practical suggestions and solutions for the areas you need to improve.

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