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How to Satisfy Your Wife

Husbands, if you are anything like me, you have come to this article expecting to find out what positions and steamy sex tips you can use to make your wife fully turned on for you and totally satisfied in bed.

You want to hear about doing it in the kitchen, on the counter top on the refrigerator, five times per day and the list goes on.

Although we will talk about the different types of sex positions (such as Flanquette, Florentine etc.) in Part 2 of this article, the truth however, is that those are the things we as men want and these things make us extremely happy.

Women on the other hand do not work like that, they need other things that we do not even give thought to. 

You want sex but she wants affection, intimacy and lots of foreplay before she can enjoy sex. You may think that by getting naked and jumping into bed  is her biggest turn on. That may be the case for you but it is definitely not for her.

What does your wife need to have the urge to be freaky and adventurous in bed with you?

Well for you it takes nothing to get your engine started but for her, there are some things that must be taken care of in her mind for there to be the aroma of love and the sensual fire to be ignited.

Listen, if you truly want to satisfy your wife, you need to pay careful attention to these 8 tips. They may seem simple, but if you put them in practice we can guarantee positive results!

Tip 1 - Put in the Work and You Will Reap the Rewards

Firstly, great love making takes time and preparation. It is not a 15 minute thing, it is a 24 hour process. Let me explain. Before she gets to the point of total desire to go buck wild, she needs to feel special and treated with respect. The tone you set in the morning sets the pace for the night.

Telling her soft sensual things hours before builds her up. Doing your part around the home scores big points in bed later. Taking the initiative to look after the children while she rests, helps her be grounded and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Taking her on dates, sending her cards or flowers at work, cuddling her and rubbing her feet after a hard day's work all add up.

In a nutshell, it is the little things adding up to a big pile of "Oooh he is so good to me, I would do anything for him" that you want to achieve.

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