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How to Satisfy Your Wife - Part 2

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Tip 2- She Should Feel Pleasure Not Pain

Men and women are extremely different when it comes to sexual fulfillment, therefore you need to literally find out from your wife what pleases her.

Some wives, are willing to go through an entire session while feeling tremendous pain or discomfort. Because of this they may not initiate sex. You find that you are the one who has to constantly be "begging for sex with your wife". No one should have to "endure" such as a special gift from God.

Sexual intercourse with your wife needs to be pleasurable for both for both of you. So, tonight, talk to your wife, find out what pleases her, what turns her on and what turns her off. 

Tip 3 - Make Love, Don't Just Having Sex

Men sometimes fail to understand the difference between making love and just having sex. Sex is not just about having an orgasm. Any one can have an orgasm, but not everyone can make love. Love making involves much thought and pleasure. 

With that said, always remember that women want to experience the love along with the sex. They go hand in hand. So, ensure that you include much foreplay etc.

Christian Sex

Tip 4 - Include Lots of Foreplay

One of the complaints that many wives have is that their husbands are unwilling to spend the time to help them get in the mood. For a wife, foreplay is just as important as sexual penetration because foreplay allows their vagina to become lubricated, causing sex to be more enjoyable.

Husbands, always keep in the back of your mind that men are easily turned on by sight while women are easily turned on by touch, so, do more touching, caressing, kissing, ultimately, lots more foreplay. One of the things you can do is to ask your wife if she is getting enough foreplay. If she says no, ask her what additional things you can do, where does she want you to touch, how fast or slow, when to start or stop etc.

Tip 5 - Kind Words Get Her Engine Started

Husbands, the point below is the most important thing for  you to remember in this article. It is NOT the positions or even where you touch. It is the fact that:

"For women, love making actually begins outside of the bedroom. It starts the minute you wake up, the first words that are exchanged and continues throughout the day. For women COMMUNICATION is the beginning of love making".

sex in the christian marriage

You can follow he example of the author in Song of Songs 7:1-3 who said to his wife, "Your graceful legs are like jewels, the work of a craftsman's hands, your navel is a rounded goblet that never lacks blended wine. Your waist is like mound of wheat enriched by lilies. Your breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle." He knew how to give a complement, what about you?

When was the last time you complemented your wife. Told her she looked beautiful, sexy or breath taking. Before today ends complement her at least three times and see the difference it makes.

Ensure that while she is at work you give her a call just to say, "I love you" or to remind her how special she is to you. If you are very negative, uncommunicative and uncooperative, then that is exactly what you will receive when you hit the bed room.

Women are not like switches where they are turned off outside the bed room then turned on when it is time to make love.

Tip 6 - Romance, Romance, Romance

We cannot stress Romance enough. In tip one we touched on it a bit. Remember, romance is not just taking your spouse some flowers today and then next week you treat her as thought she does not exist. Romance is one of the biggest turn ons for women.

In marriage, romance is a continual act that is shown in the simple things you do and the words you say. It is about being consistent; remembering special occasions such as Valentines Day and her birthday.

christian marriage and good sex life

It is surprising her with a candle light dinner or a bubble bath where just the two of you get to bask in each others company and allow the night to take its course. If you need tips and trick on how to be more romantic find out about The Wife Toolkit

Tip 7 - Could Other Problems be Affecting your Sex Life

Christian marriae counselors: Mark and Lesia GregoryUnresolved Conflicts - Most wives if not all, will not be able to enjoy sex if they feel there is a disagreement that has not been resolved. Husbands usually move on quickly but wives do not. Therefore, ensure that if there is any issue that is left unresolved you resolve them before initiating sex. Be willing to apologize if that is needed.

Christian sex: learn how to please you wifeInfidelity / Sexual Addiction - If one of you cheated it will be very difficult to regain any form of closeness and your sex life will definitely suffer. Also, if you are addicted to pornography this can be a big turn off for many wives who will feel insecure and eventually become distant. To learn how to overcome infidelity and sexual addiction, forgive and love each other again you may want to get a copy of the Marriage Thermometer Principles Go Here.

Christian sex education: husbands learn how to please your wivesVerbal /Emotional Abuse - If you speak harshly to your wife, constantly criticize her or abuse her in any other way, it will be difficult for her to be turned on by you. Everything else that you do will be done in vain

Christian marriae counselors: Mark and Lesia GregoryNot Helping Out At Home - Can your wife ask you to do something and trust that it will be done, or does she have to do everything . Do you help out with the chores at home or does she have to work a 9-5 job just as you but at the same time come home to cook the dinner, take care of the kids , clean the house? If she is exhausted, sex will be the furthest thing on her mind. Learn more about marriage problems and how they an affect every aspect of your marriage including your sex life.

Tip 8 - Change Your Positions / Techniques Often

Having a Christian marriage doesn't mean your sex life has to be dull, boring and monotonous.

Remember, in the same way that eating at the same restaurant can become mundane after a while, sticking to one position can  become boring and un-enjoyable for you and your wife if you do not add creativity and adventure.

Many couples get stuck at the missionary position, however, there are so many positions for you to choose from, these include:

christian sex

1. X Position - This method is ideal for prolonged intercourse

2. Flanquette - Half facing sexual intercourses are usually grouped here. You begin with both of you lie facing each other, with one of her legs between yours and one of your legs between hers.

3. Frontal - These are all face-to-face positions where one spouse has both thighs between the thighs of the other.

4. Standing Positions

5. Matrimonial - most couples begin their intercourse in this position, where the husband is on top astride or between the wife.


6. Rear Entry to Vagina - e.g. croupade, negresse - This position can be done while lying, kneeling, sitting or standing. This position allows the male to thrust deep within the vagina

7. Inverted 69

8. Upper Hands

9. Florentine - This method requires the wife to hold the husband's  penile skin while having intercourse.

10. Cuissade - This is when the wife lies on her side, and the leg that is facing up is pulled toward her. Her husband then enters her while kneeling between her legs, using his hands to support his weight.

Now that you know some of the things that can turn on your wife, take the time to do them and ensure that they are done with sincerity. Trust us, wives know when their husbands are going through the motion or if they are really being sincere.

Being a Christian does not mean your sex life has to be dull and freezing.

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