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"Practical Advice"

This book gives practical advice that is applicable to any stage of marriage.

We are sure that if the tips are followed with a cooperative spirit it will work for you!!

Definitely a book to be read together. It helped us to communicate our ideas and facilitated open and honest discussion about topics that are very important to a successful marriage.

It brought my husband and I closer together and we are newly weds! We are sure it will help others. The Wilsons -

Amazon Customer

“A Whole Lot of Help For Your Buck!”

I am totally impressed with the Marriage Thermometer. I still cannot get over the fact that they include so much in the package. They also cover most of the problems people have in their marriage, so practical and simple. My wife is loving the new direction our marriage has taken. I will definately be recomending it to a few of my friends who are having marriage problems.

Chrisfinigan  - Xomreviews

“Keep It Simple; Have a Plan and Work the Plan”

The Gregory's creative and practical approach to helping couples has made them one of the most sought after resource for issues on marriage in our church. One of their principles that we apply to our marriage is “Keeping it simple; always having a plan and taking the required steps to achieve our ultimate goal”. Mark and Lesia don't just talk the talk; they lead us by incredible example. 

Herron & Melissa Bennett - KCOC

“15 Minute Rule”

The thing that we have learnt from you that has impacted us on our marriage the most is your "15 minute rule", where you never go more than 15 minutes without resolving a conflict or argument.

As we have practiced this, we've realized how much energy and joy is sapped from us by allowing a conflict/argument to continue for too long (even a day). It has been so much easier for us to maintain our unity and rationale by being committed to working through our conflicts quickly.

Thanks Mark and Lesia! Richard and Chloe Russell - KCOC    

Workshop Attendees

Enjoyed the topics and the atmosphere of the workshop. Wish it was longer Tamra McPherson

Generally I think this was not just a good but a very good workshop. Working on the timing will help us get more nest time. Angella Walker

An excellent workshop. Continue the work. God covers you both. Keep strong to keep us burning. Arlene Young

Workshop Attendees

An excellent workshop though it was a short time. Magnus Young

The discussion was tenacious and full of zeal. Kenecha Wimmialam-Platt

This was great. I recommend you hold something like this every month. Marlon Johnson

Great workshop. learned lots of interesting stuff. Thank you. Romeo McPherson



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